Philips 3D Shaver

Personalize your shaver
with 3D printing

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Altijd al een uniek item in je badkamer willen hebben?

Met 3DShaver kun je nu voor het eerst je scheerapparaat personaliseren, door je design te kiezen en het aan te passen naar jouw stijl.


Kies je design en pas het aan,
Selecteer het gewenste accessoire,
Voeg een persoonlijke tekst toe.


Je scheerapparaat wordt met de laatste 3D-print techniek afgedrukt met Philips’ meest verkochte scheerapparaat. Als eerste ter wereld en alleen in Nederland verkrijgbaar—limited edition.


60-dagen niet
goed geld terug

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How it works
Watch this video to better understand this exclusive pilot

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Personalize your 3D Shaver here

Personalized 3D Shaver

€ 99 (incl. VAT & Shipping)
Choose your design
Shape your design

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This product is custom-made and our goal is to deliver each one within 2-3 weeks.


All our orders are shipped at no additional charge

60-day money
back garantuee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your personalized shaver we will refund the entire amount

Only available
in the Netherlands

This is a limited edition, orders can only be shipped to Dutch addresses

Technical specifications

Shaving Performance

Shaving System

  • MultiPrecision Blade System
  • 5-direction Flex Heads
  • Super Lift & Cut Action



  • Ergonomic grip and handling


Automatic voltage

  • 100-240 V

Battery Type

  • Li-Ion


  • 1 hour full charge
  • Quick charge 5 min for 1 shave
  • Rechargeable

Max Power Consumption

  • 9 W

Stand-by Power

  • 0.1 W

(*depending on your selection)


  • Beard Styler


  • Precision trimmer


  • Protective cap


2-Year Guarantee

  • Yes

Replacement Head

  • Replace every 2 yrs with SH50

Ease of use


  • 1 level battery indicator
  • Battery low indicator
  • Charging indicator
  • Cleaning indicator
  • Replace shaving heads indicator
  • Travel lock indicator


  • Fully washable


  • Corded and Cordless use

What's in the box

  • 1Personalized shaver
  • 2The selected shaver's accessory
  • 3Power plug
  • 4User manuals
What's in the box

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Be inspired

Be inspired

How is the product made?

The personalized parts of the shaver with your chosen design are 3D printed at Shapeways using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. The parts are then colored and finished.

Why is the product not sold in regular stores?

Philips is currently running a limited edition pilot with just 125 units to be sold over 6 months. This volume is too small to make it available in a regular environment.

What about the quality of the product, since the shaver looks different from regular Philips shavers?

To enable 3D printing technology, the shaver will not have the same finish as traditionally manufactured shavers. However, we team up with the best 3D printing providers in order to give you the highest quality in 3D printing technology.

Can I clean the shaver under the tap?

Yes, you can clean the shaver under the tap. Always check if the water is not too hot, to prevent your hands from getting burnt. Don't worry about water entering the shaver handle. The inner body is completely watertight and water cannot reach the electronic parts of the shaver, so your shaver continues to be absolutely safe. Note: Never dry the shaving unit with a towel, as the loops of the towel may catch on the shaving heads, which may damage them.

Can I use the appliance in the shower or bath?

No, this shaver is not designed to be used in the shower or bath. You cannot use it with foam or gel either. However, you can clean the shaver under the tap after shaving.

What happens if my personalized shaver breaks down?

Please reach out to us via and we will guide you suitably.

How long does it take to get used to a new shaver?

Your first shaves may not get you the result you expect and your skin may even become slightly irritated. This is not uncommon since your skin and beard need time to adapt to any new shaving system. It is recommended to take into account an adaptation period of 3 weeks during which you should shave regularly (at least 3 times per week) to allow your hair and skin to adapt to the new shaver. During this period, use your new electric shaver exclusively and do not alternate shaving methods; alternating shaving methods make it more difficult to adapt to the new shaving system.

What if I am not 100% happy with my personalized shaver and want to return it?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Please reach out to us via and we will guide you suitably.

I have a Smart Clean system at home. Can I use it for this shaver?

No, this shaver is not compatible with a regular Philips cleaning system.

Why is the web page only available in English?

Philips is currently running a limited edition pilot. Although we are selling our products only in the Netherlands, we are also exposing the concept to other countries around the world. Therefore English is the language we chose to communicate in. Of course we are always willing to guide you through the webpage. Please reach out to us via

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